Stereoscopic art characters, Photoshop combined with AI to make a three-dimensional cheese art character design tutorial

design sketch

<a>photoshop</a>结合AI制作立体芝士艺术字<a>教程</a>” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2022/0407/1649302656545.jpg” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Tutorial Steps

Step 01 Draw the font style

one point oneFirst, create a new canvas of 1500x1000px, RGB mode, and 72 pixels in AI.

Before doing this, we should analyze the characteristics of “cheese” to choose the right onetypeface“Cheese” is usually thick and large, so a bold font is selected hereBasicsFont style.

Select the font, and first [shift+ctrl+O] create the outline. Right click to cancel [Group], and right click [Release Compound Path] again, so that the upper and lower parts can be separated.

Separate the top and bottom of the cursive and zigzag characters, add 10px strokes, select the whole character to [expand], and then merge the upper and lower parts of the path to get a font that is thicker than the original font.

one point two Use the rounded corner control points of AIcc2014 version or above to add rounded corners to the font, so as to make the font more rounded. Note that the cursive head can drag rounded corners uniformly, and the zigzag character needs to drag rounded corners on each anchor point separately.

one point three Finally, adjust the details. The origin of “Zhi” on the original font is not a regular circle. Draw a regular circle to replace it. Then cut a circular groove at an appropriate position to add “cheese” to the character. After cutting the circle, make the two corners round, which are consistent with the rounded corners of the whole character.

one point four Use the [3D] tool to make the stereoscopic effect. The parameters are as shown in the figure. Note that the light source set here can help the next lighting effect in the PS. Therefore, the light source to be set can be determined here first.

one point five Select the word with 3D effect, [Object] – [Expand], and then merge each face into a separate shape as shown in the figure. Select the font style of the merged shape, and select [Release to Layer] in the layer window.

one point six After all shapes are released to the layer, [File] – [Export] – [Export as], select the psd format as the saving type, check [Use Sketchpad], and confirm to save.

Step 02 PS Add light and shadow

two point one Open the psd file you just saved in PS, sort out the layers, and add solid color background # febc23.

two point two First add a layer style to the top light receiving surface of “Zhi”. The parameters are shown in the figure.