Skin grinding and whitening, PS human figure skin grinding course for removing speckles and blemishes on girls’ faces

There are many methods for freckle removal. Here is a more practical method, similar to high and low frequencies; high frequencypictureIt is the original picture material for simple repair, and low-frequency pictures are smooth charactersAbrade skinPictures of; Then carry out some difference operations to obtain the speckled highlight and dark part selection respectively. Later, use the curve to darken and lighten respectively to eliminate the speckled. Final effect

去除女生脸部斑点瑕疵的PS磨皮<a>教程</a>” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2022/0329/1648484125238.jpg” width=”600″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
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1、 Click the original image material, then save the image to this machine, and open it with PS. Press Ctrl+J to copy the background layer and name it “Simple Repair”, as shown below.

2、 Select the Repair Brush tool in the toolbox, as shown below.

3、 Remove the messy hair and large acne in the picture below.

4、 This is the effect after roughly repairing.

5、 Press Ctrl+J to copy the current layer, as shown below.

6、 Select menu:Filter > 模糊 > 表面模糊,参数设置如下图。

7、 Press and hold the Alt key to add a layer mask, and then select the brush tool. The brush settings are as follows, and set the foreground color to white.