Segmentation effect, design a three-dimensional theme style beauty portrait segmentation effect

Today, I want to teach you how toDesignThe segmentation effect of the beautiful woman’s portrait in the three-dimensional theme style will not be discussed much. Let’s take a look at the effect picture first.


边框<a>教程</a>,用刘诗诗的照片制作垂直照片效果” border=”0″ src=”” width=”640″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Operation steps:

1. First, open the material you need in PS, and then ctrl+j copy a layer.

2. Next, we will create a new layer at the top and fill it with gray.

3. Then we click the rectangle tool, and create a new rectangle above the gray layer. The length and width are determined according to your preference. (It can also be modified later)

4. Next, right-click the rectangle to add a blend mode.

Blending Options



After that, the display effect looks like this.

5. Next, it is much simpler. Press and hold the alt key to copy the rectangle. While copying, you should also set up the layout at the same time. It is better to copy the layer below the previous layer, so that the effect is better. You can also press ctrl+t to modify the angle. Increase aesthetic feeling.