Scene synthesis, a creative portrait photo synthesis tutorial through Photoshop

  synthesisofcourseIt’s an amazing process. Many unexpected ideas will be presented in PS. It’s a learning process that will always bring us surprises. This tutorial makes a creative composite photo through PS. It takes a person and flowers as the material, and is crowded with flowersDesignHowever, the synthesis tutorial should be well controlled at a certain time. Otherwise, it would be neither fish nor fowl, and it would be more inconsistent. Let’s learn how to do it through the tutorial.


Operation steps:

1. The first thing we need is a girl’s head. In the layer panel, press Ctrl+J to copy it; The lower one is reserved for backup. Right click to get a new layer – convert it to a smart object layer, so that subsequent adjustments will not damage the original layer.

2. Then use the pen tool to switch to shape mode and draw a block face along the face.

3. The edges should be as smooth as possible, which will be more natural. Then press Alt+left click the shape layer to get the selection area of the block face. Select the character layer and press Ctrl+J to copy the selected part.

4. Press and hold the Alt key again to get this selection.

5. Select the character layer to add a mask to it.

6. In this way, when we hide the upper two layers, we can produce the effect shown in the figure.

7. Then we can adjust half of the face to the right position.

8. Divide them and create a new layer.

9. Use the eyedropper tool to draw a deep color on the face of the character, and press Alt+Delete on the new layer to fill it.

10. In this way, the empty part will be filled, and a similar effect will be made on the side of the face.

11. The method used is the same as before.

12. Now go to the second part to make a stereoscopic effect for each block face. First apply the mask to the layer.

13. Then right click the right face layer – convert it to a smart object layer, and then double-click the layer to add a series of layer styles to it.