Rainy animation, PS makes realistic rain GIF animation pictures tutorial

Want to make rainanimationThere are many methods. This time we will mainly talk about using all planesDesignHow does PS make rain effect. I recommend it to my friends and hope you can enjoy it.

Look at the effect picture first:

First, import thepicture

  然后选择窗口 > 动作。

Delete redundant actions and create new ones

The new action is named Rain, the function key is set to F2, and then click Record

Back to the layer interface, create a new layer and fill it in black

Select the black layer and select:Filter > 杂色 > 添加杂色…

The number of variegated colors determines the number and size of raindrops. If the picture is too large, it will become gray, and if the picture is too small, you will not see the dynamic effect. You need to adjust it according to the size of the picture. It is recommended to set at 25-40