Rain effect, use PS to synthesize romantic scene pictures in the rain tutorial

Can I take you home? It may rain outside. We can’t finish many photos in the rain. This requires our perfect later stagecourseThrough PS, we can make a real heavy rain and give you a brilliant scene like rain. We will embellish the photos by simulating the light and humidity on the road, increasing the authenticity of raindrops and other illusions. How to achieve this? Let’s have a look.


Operation steps:

Open in AdobephotoshopThe image you selected. We simulate the wetness of the road surface, which will be the result of this heavy rainBasics的一步。去选择>色彩范围,并在选区预览选择>黑色杂边。

Move the color tolerance and range sliders and observe the areas of road brightness change on the preview thumbnail, which will determine the road humidity!

After clicking OK, you will go to a selection area and create a new layer to prepare for the next action.