Punk style, Photoshop makes Cyberpunk style portrait line effect

ThiscourseMainly usedphotoshopMake Cyberpunk style portrait linesSpecial effects, the style is similar to the neon effect of the age, I hope you can like it


Before we officially do this, let’s analyze this typeworksThe main features of are as follows:

Dark Street View

Luminous lines

Strong light dark contrast

Because I want to make it more cool, so hereBasicsIt combines the red and blue tones of Cyberpunk classic, and the character materials are also cool. The following is the production process ↓. Please download the materials at the bottom of the tutorial.

Scene part

1. First create a new 1500 * 2300 canvas, import the background layer, and then adjust the ACRFilter

2. Add a color search layer, and use a black brush to smear on the mask to hide the darkening effect at the light plate.

3. Place the material of the light board in a proper place on the screen, pay attention to the difference between the front and back sizes, and conform to the perspective angle. Then merge several light plate layers ctrl e.

4. Copy a layer of light plate layer ctrl J, change the mode to color fade, and then slightly Gaussian blur.

5. Then put the letter light plate into the picture, and copy the border to spell it. Then add hue/saturation to adjust hue.