Poster making, Photos for PS to quickly make personalized posters with ink-jet materials

The effect picture is very personalized, and the production method is very simple. First use inkjetBrushMake a splash background, and then use thepictureAdd it to the splash material, add text at the end, adjust the details, and see a lotcourseIt’s better to make it by hand. Only through practice can you master the method of making it. You can also use the method in the tutorial to practice with the pictures you want to make. I believe that you will have more motivation to learn.


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Figure 02

1. Create a new canvas of your own size, click the Brush tool, and load the splash brush. Then create a new layer 1, select an ink-jet brush that looks good to you, and click twice.

Figure 03

2. Next, find a picture that you think looks good and open it with PS, and then drag it to the canvas made before. Plants or landscapes are preferred.

Figure 04

3. You need to embed the plant map into the following inkjet, right click the plant layer and choose to create a clipping mask. Should you know this? Then show the important or beautiful parts of the picture, and adjust the color.

Figure 05

Then, input your text content, copy a layer of rasterization, remove a part of the cover with a pen, and then add some false shadows with a dark brush. The overall look will be better.


Figure 06

Follow the tutorial to learn, and gradually improve your PS technology through practice.