Portrait tinting, use PS to bring out the portrait photos with creamy white and tender skin effect

This chaptercourseTeach the students how to repair the creamy white skin that is versatile, because most of them now prefer white, tender and transparent skin, which is versatile and suitable for everyone who wants to learnMap revisionThe photo is mainly composed of three parts: blue background, dark yellow skin color, white clothesTintingFirst adjust the whole, then adjust the details. The idea of this revision is to weaken the background, match the skin color with the clothing, and highlight the lipstick color. Learn it through the tutorial to see how it is done.


Original picture:

Operation steps:

1. Open camera rawFilter, adjust as follows: reduce the color temperature and restore the color level of the photo

2. Curved, people have more light sense

3. Adjust the background and color of the character

4. Because the skin color cannot be precisely adjusted in the camera filter, we can turn on ps black and white gradient mapping+color filtering+adjust the opacity of the layer to brighten the skin color in one step, which is more realistic and natural. Of course, we need to create a black mask to adjust the skin color separately.

5. There is obvious color difference on the neck, arm and face of the character, and the curve is established again to even the skin color.

6. Now 80% of the total has been completed, and the rest is detailed control.


Of this huepictureIs it something you like? I believe that students sometimes don’t know what color to fix in the process of drawing repair. I believe that by learning this tutorial, we can give you some reference.