Portrait skin grinding, using PS high and low frequency to quickly skin commercial portrait

EntirecourseofAbrade skinThe idea is very good. In the early stage, first analyze the shortcomings of the original film, then adjust the overall exposure, and then use repair tools to eliminate obvious defects and acne in the face and other areas; The skin grinding part uses high and low frequency fast skin grinding, and finally touch up, adjust light and shadow, etc. to get the desired effect. We’re makingpictureWe should analyze first before we can do it. Let’s learn together.



Operation steps:

1. Let’s talk about my personalMap revisionHabit: The first thing to adjust is the exposure to achieve a unified overall exposure. The exposure in this picture is relatively good, and the only darker place is the shadow at the shoulder (here, a quick mask is used to make a selection area to lighten the shoulder position).

2. The next step is to repair the defects. After the obvious scars and dirty spots on the face are quickly processed by the repair tools, you can see that the large defects on the face have been removed.