Portrait Poster Design Tutorial for Photoshop Making Paper Tearing Effect

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopDesignTear paperSpecial effectsPortrait ofposter, mainly use materials to show the effect of paper tearing, and add black and white effects to complete the final effect picture. I hope you can like it.

Final effect

1. Create a new blank document with a height of 2000px, a width of 2000px, and a resolution of 72.

2. Drag into the first sheetpicture, select the text tool, font size 72pt,typefaceColor white, enter text.

3. Import edge tearing materials, and adjust the size and position.

4. Use the brush tool to decorate.

5. Import the picture in the second chapter and place it on the tear edge material.

6. Translate the edge tearing material on the lower layer to the right.

7. Use deformation to adjust the tear shape and add shadows to the tear.

8. Import other edge tearing materials and pictures, adjust the size, and create a clipping mask.

Final effect: