Portrait painting, using Photoshop to make portrait painting art effect photo tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopMake the artistic effect of portrait painting, and flexibly use the mixing option of layer style, which can quickly achieve the effect of fitting the skin, and make the character temperament change dramatically. I hope you can like it.

Tutorial Rendering

Key step tips

For details, seevideocourse:Click to view the video tutorial

Step 01 Add material

Prepare “color gradient” and “character model” and add them to PS, and change the blending mode of gradient layer to color deepening.

Step 02 Overlay pattern

Double click the thumbnail of the layer, open the blending option panel of the gradient layer, and separate the small white arrows on the right of the “next layer”, so that the highlights on the face of the person are displayed.

Step 03 Layer mask

Add a mask to the gradient layer to erase the patterns outside the face.