Portrait painting, a beauty portrait painting tutorial for PS to create textured skin

The bronzed skin is the great love of many Europeans and Americans,courseRefine swimwear beauty through PSMap revisionTo create a character’s texture skin, first use liquefaction to give the character’s skin some simple treatment, and then use high contrast to preserve the skin for modification. You can try to refer to the tutorial on how to practice, and I believe that students can learn more skills of painting people through the tutorial. Let’s learn together, and I believe you will do better.


Operation steps:

1. Open the original drawing with [PS], copy a layer, and adjust [Liquefaction] as shown in the figure.

2. After copying a layer, use the [Paint Brush Tool for Stain Repair] to repair the skin defects.

3. Copy a layer and selectpassagewayPanel, copy the blue channel, and perform [High Contrast Retention].

4. Click [Image] – [Application Image] to adjust, as shown in the figure, for three times.

5. Click [Image] – [Application Image] to adjust, as shown in the figure.

6. Next, use [Brush Tool] to erase the unnecessary part, and [ctrl+I] mask in reverse.

7. Next, adjust [Curve] to lighten it.