Pink tinting, a popular romantic pink tinting picture tinting tutorial on INS

This kind of tone is specially selected from the original image. Generally, the photos are not suitable for this kind of tone, or cannot reflect this purple effect. The shooting environment of this kind of tone photos must be the sunset at dusk. If the original image has this kind of purple sunset effect, it is the best. The students need to learn through specific operations and follow quicklycourseCome and learn.


粉色调,INS上流行的浪漫粉色调<a>调色</a>教程” src=”/d/file/2022/0405/1649089794221.jpg” width=”705″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Original picture:

This tone tutorial was promised by Xiaoman, who shared a Korean womanPhotographyTeacher, her photo style is the romantic pink purple effect.

It’s so beautiful to bring out such romantic colors in photos!

First, let’s take a look at the case diagram of the tone adjusted by Xiaoman: