Pictures of bullet trains, using PS radial blur filter to make pictures of bullet trains galloping

PS has a set of blurring built-inFilterAmong them, there is an interesting filter called Radial Blur, which can be used to quickly create a flying effect. Here we use this filter to create the effect of a fast “moving” car.

The operation is very simple. It only takes a few steps, and novices can quickly make it.

First of all, we need to find a train map like this on the Internet. The train looks like it stops or moves slowly

Our most effective picture, after processing, the train changes from the original sense of stillness to the effect of galloping

Now let’s begin to formally deal with:

Step 1: press the shortcut key CTRL+J, copy a layer 1, CTRL++three times, enlarge the image, and then use the pen tool to move the image along the train edge with the H grab tool, and gradually select the train.

Step 2: After the pen tool path is closed, right-click to pop up a menu and select Create Selection Area. The feathering radius is 1 pixel to smooth the edges. After the selection area is created, press CTRL+J to pull out the train body and create a new oneMattingLayer. As shown in the schematic diagram of step 3

Step 3: On layer 1, click the filter – blur – radial blur command, and the radial blur parameter panel pops up. Set the number to 16, and the smaller the value, the smaller the effect. If you click “Rotate”, the fuzzy path will be blurred according to the concentric ring line; if you click “Zoom”, it will be radially blurred with a central point as the base point. There are three qualities, and many pixel impurities will appear when you select the sketch, and some will appear when you select it. I originally selected good, so you should select “Best” when some impurities appear “. In the right center fuzzy view area, click the mouse to move the center fuzzy point. Here, you can move the center point to the rear of the train according to your feeling, and see the red arrow in the figure below. After confirming the point, see the effect. If you are not satisfied, reconfirm the center fuzzy point.

The last step: create a white mask for layer 1, and use the appropriate soft angle brush tool to erase the distant people and milestones that need to be clear. You can also click the thumbnail map in front of the white mask, and use the smudge tool to push in the parts that should not be radially blurred by the locomotive, as shown in the figure, these small details can be freely played by yourself.

OK, the train effect processing is completed. In order to impress everyone, we will find another treepictureLet’s deal with it.

The radial blur filter of PS is used here to make the beautiful effect of sunlight shining on the forest. Look at the original picture first. The light is very dull and lifeless

I have tried several times for radial blurring this time, and it is best to pull the quantity value to 100. But how to make the light effect? Here, you need to select the highlight selection area first. There are two methods. One is to select highlights by pressing the shortcut key. Because of different versions, I use CS3, and the shortcut key is ALT+CTRL+~. Or click the menu: Select – Color Range – Select – Highlights, and the tolerance of more than 70 is basically enough. After selecting the highlight selection area by two methods, press the shortcut key CTRL+J to create a new layer for the highlight area, and then the radial blur can be completed on this layer.

Effect picture (after radial blur, you can use the color balance tool to adjust the light tone and brightness, let’s play it freely)