Photoshop Makes Beautiful Cartoon Style Golden Three dimensional Characters Design Tutorial

This chaptercourseMainly usedphotoshopMake beautiful cartoon style gold three-dimensional charactersDesignTutorial. Learn how to make it through the tutorial.

Final effect

First draw a sketch, either on paper or on a hand drawn board.

I use a hand-painted board here. In AI, use the brush tool (B) to stroke the edges to 1 pixel, and then roughly outline the font. It should be noted that the strokes of a group of characters should be unified. For example, the “mouth” characters are all connected with a pen, and the strokes at the head of the red arrow are also unified with sharp corners.

2. After the rough font is determined, use a thinner brush (about 0.5 pixel stroke) to check the font again to determine the details of each stroke. For the four character proposition, some changes can be added to the typesetting, making the middle two characters smaller and the two characters on both sides larger.

3. After the sketch is determined, use the pen tool to draw the font. During the process of drawing, constantly adjust the anchor points and details of the strokes. The anchor points should be as few as possible, so that the turning of the strokes will be more smooth.

4. After the font is checked, select all strokes, open the window Path Finder, click Associating, and merge all shapes. The AI part is complete.

5. Character effect production:

Open PS, create a new file of 1000 * 660px with a resolution of 72, fill the background with white, and click Create.

Then in AI, select the text, Ctrl+C copy it, and then paste it in PS, Ctrl+V paste it, select the shape layer, click OK, and import the text into PS.

6. Fill the text with color # c18e40, double-click the “Text” layer, and add a layer style to the text – stroke, the stroke size is 2 pixels, and the stroke color is # 361201.

7. Find a golden texture material from the Internet, drag the texture layer to the top of the text layer, select the texture layer, Ctrl+Alt+G, and cut it into the text.

8. Add a mask to the Texture layer, select the soft edge brush of PS, adjust the size and opacity, and gently erase the texture in the upper part of the text, as shown in the following figure.

9. Next, add some stereoscopic effects to the text. Copy one layer of the “Text” layer to the top, double-click the layer to add layer styles – Bevel and Emboss, then change the fill of the layer to 0, Ctrl+Alt+G to cut into the “Text” layer.

10. Create a new layer, cut it into the “Text” layer, select the brush tool, use the soft edge brush, color # fff6a0, smear the upper part of the text gently, lighten the text, and then select the darker color # ceaa76, smear the bottom of the text.

11. Next, add highlights to the text. Copy the “Text” layer to the top, double-click the layer to add the layer style – Bevel and Emboss, change the filling of the layer to 0, and cut it into the “Text” layer by Ctrl+Alt+G.

12. Copy the “Text” layer, move it to the bottom of the layer, name “Text 2”, remove all the layer styles on this layer, and fill the text with color # 4b2b1e.

Select the move tool, then select the layer “Text 2”, press and hold the Alt key, then press the keyboard down arrow, click 7 times, copy 7 text layers down, then select all text layers, Ctrl+E merge, and name the merged layer “Thickness”.