PhotoShop Commercial Portrait Skin Scrub Skin Beauty Post Portrait Painting Tutorial

This chaptercourseI mainly shared two commonly used skin refinishing methods, hyperbola and high-frequency and low-frequency, which are explained in detail. Let’s share them with you.

Original and effect pictures:

Original drawing of material:

按此在新窗口浏览<a>图片</a>” src=”/d/file/p/2022/09-22/1663814619907.jpg” style=”border-width: 0px; border-style: solid; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=I sent some beforeworksThanks to the readers, many people want to see how to do it, and they also promised. As a good boy, you have to fill the hole once you dig it. So today, let’s talk about the problems that can’t be avoided and perplex many people in the later period of the portrait. The skin treatment is often calledAbrade skinI don’t like this name very much. It looks like LOW. I’m more used to calling it skin repair. I can roll up my sleeves and do it without saying much.

The above picture is a comparison of my work. Through comparative observation and analysis, the right picture is obviously cleaner and more textured from the skin. So what factors make the skin better is space. We should see the essence through the phenomenon,

In summary, I found that skin problems can not escape from four aspects: first, defects, second, light and shade, third, color, and fourth, texture.

1、 Defects

As shown in the above figure, the obvious problems of pimples and broken hair that I have circled are relatively simple to deal with. Our common tools include stain repair brushes, repair brushes, and repair tools.

The use of the stain repair brush is the simplest. You just need to adjust the brush size and smear the stain. This tool is mainly used to deal with spot defects.

To repair the brush, press the ALT key, click the left mouse button on the clean skin to sample, and then smear the dirty spots. This tool is mainly used to deal with large linear defects such as broken hair. The repair tool is to circle the defects first,

Then drag it to a clean area. This tool is usually used to deal with large blocky defects.

Through the combination of the three tools, we can easily remove the dirty spots and hair fragments on our faces, but the skin is still not so satisfactory at this time,

This is what I said about dark light and shadow. It may not be visible through direct observation. Let’s turn the picture into black and white.