Photoshop: A photo synthesis tutorial for creating creative avatar with flower effect

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopsynthesisThe creative avatar has a flower effect. The creativity of the tutorial is very good. The flowers grow from the cut avatar,posterI often see this kind of brain hole thinking in. I hope you can like it.

Final effect

1. Create a new 1100 * 1500 drawing board.

2. Select appropriate materials; I choose a lady to be the main material of this poster; Drag the little sister into the document, and use the quick selection tool+adjust the edge to pick out the main position of the head.

3. Enlarge the cut face of the little sister to the appropriate size – Pen tool – tick the position to be divided from the top of the middle head.

4. Back to the little sister layer – press ctrl+left click the shape layer you have cut – right click – cut the layer – get the left and right face layers and name them.

5. To create an empty shell feeling for the little sister’s head – select the left face shape layer just now – add fx (layer style) to the layer.