Photos of fresh girls taken outdoors with Japanese small fresh colors in PS palette

Ps Little Fresh GirlTintingcourse: Bring out Japanese small and fresh colors for the lovely girls in the outdoor shooting. design sketch:


Operation steps:

  NO. 1 Preliminary basic color mixing

Get in the habit of copying layers (Ctrl+J)

Open Camera Raw in PS (cc2019)FilterAdjust the white balance, observe the original film, the color temperature is yellow, and adjust to the blue and green direction. (The specific parameters depend on the actual situation of personal photos)

Increase the exposure and contrast slightly. Raise the shade and black color scale to make the whole picture cleaner; The highlight is reduced, and the white color scale is slightly reduced

Color curve RGB slightly flattens the slow s-shaped curve, and adjusts the light and dark parts of the photo

  NO. 2 HSL/color adjustment

The skin of the portrait mainly adjusts the hue/saturation/brightness of red/yellow/orange. In particular, improving the brightness of orange can play a role in whitening, but it should be noted that the orange saturation cannot be reduced too much, otherwise the skin will appear bloodless

Umbrella reflection and street light fine-tuning blue hue/saturation/brightness

Background color (forest) mainly adjusts the hue/saturation/brightness of yellow and green

Take a look at the contrast picture before and after color mixing (original left, revised right)

After the adjustment, the overall color of the photo is preliminarily determined, and the camera raw is exported for further detail processing in PS

  NO. 3 Detail processing

Click to select the color in the “Adjustment” interface on the right, select red, and adjust the skin color that is still lacking after the Camera Raw treatment, making the skin color of the character more natural and vigorous

A small part of the leaves in the upper right corner are yellow, so I adjusted their hue/saturation

Finally, the characters are simply liquefiedAbrade skinProcessing, using stamps or repair tools to improve where the background is cluttered. This tutorial is over

  NO. 4. Final treatment and film appreciation

Finally, I used plug-ins to reprocess the photo details according to my personal preferences, and the final effect is as follows: