Photos color mixing, PS turns green wheat into mature golden wheat tutorial

  courseTo green wheat through camera RAWTintingThe color of mature golden wheat can be transferred in the later stage. The overall operation is relatively simple. Students can try to practice it through the tutorial. The color adjustment tutorial needs to be adjusted through accumulation. For example, the color of our current hue is relatively uniform, and the overall color is yellow. It is OK to adjust to this tone, and it can be operated through practice.



Operation steps:

1. Open psphotoshop CS6), press Edit in the upper menu bar, find the bottom preference, find Camera RAW, and press it.

2. There will be a dialog box when you press it. Just change an option, as shown in the figure below.

3. After confirmation, close ps and reopen it to import green wheatpicture, we can enter the Camera RAW interface for debugging. (If you use the ps cc version or above, you can directly use theFilterOpen the Camera RAW interface.)

3. Next, let’s start debugging. Let’s analyze the picture first. The green wheat picture looks clear. Since it is mature wheat, the basic setting is to have a color temperature. Adjust the clarity a little higher, and the saturation a little higher. It looks more natural, as shown in the figure.

4. We want to turn golden. Press HSL and then press hue, yellow and green tones. According to the brightness and yellow tone, as shown in the figure.

5. Press to open the image. Press to create a new adjustment layer (in the lower right corner of the ps interface, a round one looks like a half cut one), and then press the color balance to increase the red color (making the wheat look mature) and the yellow color, as shown in the figure.


Isn’t it amazing that sometimes learning PS will bring us a lot of surprises, and some students will say that PS is not credible? This is a tutorial to show students how to interpret photos after mastering PS. Let’s learn it together.