Photo tinting, using PS to bring portrait photos to the movie texture effect tutorial

This chaptercourseTeach students how to create the portrait color with the texture of European and American movies, learn the method of this tutorial today, and you can apply it to your own portrait photos. In production, we should first deal with the skin, determine the overall color, and create a three-dimensional sense of the center of the characterMap revisionThere should be a general step in the process of drawing, so that you can know well and don’t panic. These good habits should also be kept in common practice.


Original picture:

Operation steps:

General Steps of Portrait Revision

Xiaoman sums up the general steps of the figure revision in this issue:

Step 1: Basic adjustment: Acne removalAbrade skinEtc.

Step 2: Tone setting,Tintinghandle.

Step 3: Stereoscopic modeling of the photo character center.

Open the original image:

Step 1: Basic adjustment

First, follow Xiaoman for the first adjustment: basic adjustment: acne removal, skin abrasion, etc.

In this step, Xiaoman usesphotoshopInside the repair brush tool – acne.

Use the skin grinding insert: retouch4me for basic skin grinding.

Before and after skin grinding: