Photo synthesis, PS synthesis of motorcycle pictures in high-speed driving in water

ThiscourseThe creative idea is very good. The author wants to highlight the aesthetic feeling of motorcycle driving, and specially adopts the realization method of wheel hitting water. From the effect picture, we can see that the author’s production is very successful. The combination of several materials is quite good, and the visual effect of the screen is very prominent.

Final effect

1. Open the material as shown in Figure 1, pick out the motorcycle with a pen tool, and invert the selection to blur the dynamic background, and control the value yourself. Paint the grandstand on the picture with the color of the sky [to better blend the background with the wave material], as shown in Figure 2.

2. After pulling out the tire material with a magic wand, drag it into the picture. Add a layer mask to the material, hide the unwanted tire, and adjust the position. The effect is as follows.

3. Drag the wave material into the picture, add a mask to hide the unwanted parts, and set the layer style to Overlay to finish.