Photo synthesis, PS production Mermaid photo synthesis tutorial under the glow

Hello, I’m Gui Gui! This time, I will give you an examplesynthesiscourse, make a beautiful mermaid. In this tutorial, pay attention to the placement order of layers and master some basicColor paletteTools are also very important. In addition, this example tutorial uses substitutionFilterStudents who want to learn, come and learn!

Final effect

1、 Brainstorm:

Since we want to be a mermaid, first of all, we need to use the cerebellar bag melon to think about what keywords we can get about the mermaid, as shown in the figure below.

2、 Reference:

Then we can go online to collect some mermaidsworks, learn some of their handling methods.

3、 Collect materials:

First sort out the ideas, and then collect relevant materials according to the needs of the picture. This is a time-consuming and lucky work.

4、 Building background:

First, merge the two background materials, put the “Background 1” layer above the “Background 2” layer, and then use the mask tool to erase the redundant part to get the “Fusion 1”.

In the same way, combine the “fusion 1” obtained in the previous step with the “background 3” to get the “fusion 2”.