Photo shadow removal, PS retouching, hand shadow photo retouching of people’s faces

How to remove the shadow on a character’s face? I believe that sometimes, when I take beautiful photos, I will encounter shadows, so I must want to remove the shadows at this time. At this time, I need to use PS, which seems complicatedcourseIn fact, it is still easy to operate, but it also tests the students’ proficiency in PS operation, and sometimes they will also encounter the situation of white edges, which will be taught in the tutorial to deal with one by one, let’s learn together.


Original picture:

Comparison Chart

How to repair the clutter of light and shadow?, First of all, let’s select the shadows to be removed. This picture will be faster using the polygonal lasso tool (you can also use the shift and alt keys to modify the selection area to make it more accurate). Be careful not to feather

Establish curve adjustment layer and brighten it