Photo righting, a tutorial on righting people’s photos with PS tools

Good scenery always evokes the desire to take pictures. Many people like to freeze the beautiful moments in life by taking pictures. Occasionally, however, we encounter a situation: the angle of taking pictures is not as expected, and we are not satisfied with how we take them. At this time, we might as well use PS to skillfully take the photos that are skewed. This chaptercourseTeach students how to straighten photos. Come and try it together.



Operation steps:

Part. 1 ● FirstpictureDrag the PS software to open it.

  Part. 2 ● Then select the ruler tool in the toolbar, pull a straight line along the direction of the figure, and then select the straightened layer. The picture is immediately straightened, but blank areas will appear in the screen.

Part. 3 ● Select magic wand tool , select all the blank areas, and create the selection area as shown in the figure.

Part. 4 ● Then click Edit – Content Identification Fill in the menu bar, and the screen as shown in the figure will appear.

Part. 5 ● The mouse is directly in the picture, and the characters are erased separately. Select OK.

  Part. 6 ● ctrl+d deselect the area. Finally, shift+ctrl+alt+E on the keyboard to perform the effect of overprint layer. Finally, our righting picture is finished.


In this way, photos can be easily righted, and you can freely capture daily life with the camera in the future. Have you learned? Let’s practice quickly.