Photo processing: Photoshop makes fragmented photos of people

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopMake the fragmented effect of characters, mainly using fragmentsBrushCome and finish it. I hope you can enjoy it

This tutorial uses ps to create an interesting photo of explosion fragmentation effect. First, use the brush tool to set the overallDesignAll of them are added through our brushes. After setting up the brushes, we can paint in the material, adjust the size of the brush tip, draw some fragments, improve the fragments through a series of designs, and then place some decorative materials. Students can choose to or not, and the key is to learn how to make the broken effect. In fact, it is easy to make. Let’s practice together.

design sketch:

Operation steps:

1. First, we open the portrait material file. Set the foreground color to black and the background color to white. Select the brush tool in the toolbox, open the brush preset panel in the Options Bar, select the “Square Brush” command at the bottom of the panel menu, and then click the append button in the pop-up dialog box. Select a square brush in the brush preset panel, open the brush setting panel, set the size to 40 pixels, and the spacing to 300%, as shown in the figure:

2. Select the dynamic shape check box, and set the size jitter to 45%, angle jitter to 69%, fillet jitter to 80%, and minimum roundness to 10%, as shown in the figure:

3. Select the scatter check box, and set the scatter to 462%, the quantity to 2, and the quantity jitter to 10%, as shown in the figure:

4. Select the dynamic color check box, set the foreground/background jitter to 76%, create a new layer, paint in the sub part of the portrait group, adjust the brush tip size, and paint smaller fragments, as shown in the figure: