Photo color mixing, use PS channel function to bring out bright cyan effect photos

ThiscourseofColor paletteIt is relatively simple. General idea: by copying relevantpassagewayPaste it to other channels to show the color change of the picture, and then make appropriate adjustments to the relevant colors to get good results. The method is very simple and practical.

Original image:

Final effect

1. Openpicture, press Ctrl+J to copy a layer.

2. Enter the channel panel, select the “green” channel, press Ctrl+A to select all, then press Ctrl+C to copy, then select the “blue” channel, and press Ctrl+V to paste. The effect is as follows:

3. Execute “Color Balance” (CTRL+B) to adjust the color of the picture (as shown in the figure). The color value can be modified according to your preference:


4. Then execute “Curve” (CTRL+M) (as shown in the figure) to increase the brightness and layering of the image.

5. The character photo is a little red, so you should lower the saturation of red, execute “hue/saturation” (CTRL+U), select “red” color, and then lower the saturation. (as shown in the figure)

Final effect: