People color mixing, PS color mixing to make outdoor people photos with gray art photo effect

ThiscourseThe color is quite special, mainly dark gray, with a taste of classical memories. It is estimated that this is also the artistic conception expressed by the author. When processing, the author also changed the background of the original image and used the pen tool to check out the main body.

Original drawing

Final effect

1. Open the original material and use the pen tool to pull out the main part, as shown below.

2. After turning to the selected area, press Ctrl+J to copy the selected area to the new layer.

3. Turn off layer 1, copy the background layer, and use extractFilterCut out the edge of the character’s hair.

4. Open the small eyes of layer 1, drag in the background material shown in the following figure, put it above the background layer, scale it appropriately, and crop it.

5. Create a gradient map on layer 1 to adjust the color to black and white. After confirmation, use a gray brush to slightly wipe the part of the character.

6. Create a new layer, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E to seal the layer, and do noise reduction appropriately.

7. Create a curve adjustment layer. The parameters and effects are shown in the following figure.

8. Finally, the decorative text is printed to complete the final effect.