Mouse painting scenery, PS A method tutorial of mouse painting Chinese ancient city scenery

ThiscourseIntroduction to ancient Chinese citiessai method. The author first draws the black and white effect picture, and then colors it as a whole. The process is not very detailed, but the effect is very beautiful. Friends who like mouse painting may try it!

Final effect

1. Set the brush to change the color intensity with pressure, and then roughly determine the layout of the scene. Here I only use black and white to draw

2. The general layout has been determined, and the same brush continues to deepen. Enhance the lighting effect. Use the lasso tool to select the part of the water surface, and then use the round-headed brush to adjust the diameter of the water surface. Using the selection area can improve the efficiency of painting a lot, and long common sense will find the trick.

3. Select a brush with a hardness of 0% to paint the sky, and pay attention to the performance of the distant mountains. Now let’s inlay the city in the mountains. There is no online draft, so we should have a preliminary plan for the general picture in our mind. While paying attention to the structure, we should also consider the problem of light and shadow.

4. Reduce the diameter of the brush to depict architectural details. Make the best use of your brush strokes, which will make you get twice the result with half the effort. Add details for a long time. Draw a sentry tower in the foreground and add some trees at the foot of the mountain to make the picture more convincing.

5. I feel that the platform of the future is too monotonous, so I added a memorial archway at will, hehe

6. Now start the finishing work, sharpen the picture, and adjust the color scale to your satisfaction

7. After everything is OK, create a new layer with the attribute of “color” to make the black and white ones become color, and make full use of the convenience of the computer