Mouse drawing of characters, PS mouse drawing of lovely pink girls

Final effect

1. Draw the line draft first.

2. Color the face. It is recommended to paint the color of the dark part first. Remember not to use the deepening tool, or you will get dirty.

3. After drawing the dark part, you can paint the background color of your face. You should create a new layer of the background color and put it under the dark part.

4. Painting pays attention to the whole to the part. Draw the hair roughly.

5. The five features should be carefully portrayed, and the eyes should be painted as well as possible.

6. Some colors of the clothes are matched according to the feelings of the characters, and the lovely girls should use pink.

7. In this step, we should carefully depict the details of the picture, pay attention to the details, do not be careless, and then add a beautiful background color to complete the final effect.