Mosaic effect. Photos of characters are made into staggered cube mosaic effect by PS

  coursePhotos composed of a group of small squares are made by PS, which visually look like small bricks displayed in an orderly manner. Because of the shape, the whole picture looks unique and easy to make, mainly throughFilterLet’s do an operation. Sometimes, don’t look at a small operation in PS. It may bring great changes to our photos. Let’s learn about it through the tutorial.



Operation steps:

1. Open one you likepicture

2. Create a new layer and a gradient

Note: Right click the color code to open the color picker and select the color you want

3. Double click the layer – Blending option – Blending mode – Overlay and overprint the layer (Ctrl+shift+Alt+e)

Stamping effect:

4. Double click the layer – mixed mode – uncheck GBpassageway

5. Ctrl+J Copy the layer and then stamp the layer

6. Filter – Stylized – Raised


It only takes six steps. Is it super simple? Open it quicklyphotoshopMake your own mosaic pictures. I believe students will have more motivation to learn if they use their own photos or photos of their beloved beans as materials. Let’s practice together.