Mixed mode, explaining in detail the application of PS tool positive lamination/color filtering/soft light in portrait

The three layers of positive overlay, color filter and soft light are mixed in ourMap revisionWhat are their functions? We must first understand their principles. Layer blending mode has different effects due to different algorithms. How to repair it? We still need to look at the specific operations, such as the following figure:

First, we create a blue and blue solid color layer, change the layer mode to soft light, and reduce the opacity of the layer to the appropriate value

A moderate result will be obtained. The middle tone is cyan, and the skin color is still there. What if we change the mixing mode to positive and overlapping? What effect will it have? See the figure below:

  pictureIt becomes darker, and the white highlights in the picture are gone and replaced by cyan. What will be the effect of changing to the color filtering mode? See the figure below:

The picture became brighter, and the black in the dark part of the picture was directly replaced by cyan. Therefore, the soft light mode is a mixed mode with the effect in the middle and the color deviation biased towards the middle. The positive film overlapping mode is a mixed mode with the effect in the dark and the color deviation biased towards the highlights.

The color filtering mode is a blend mode where the effect is lighter and the color bias is more dark.

Knowing this conclusion, we can choose which color to mix according to their different mixing effects.