Methods and skills of mouse cartoon and PS mouse cartoon Q cartoon

This chaptercourseWe will teach you some drawing methods and techniques of Q version cartoons. Let’s take a look at a few finished drafts before the tutorial begins!

The painting method of the Q version is actually very casual. The expression method can not only be diversified, but also the expression and action can be exaggerated. The first impression you see in the Q version of cartoons is cute, so you need to grasp this point when drawing the Q version!

1、 First of all, pay attention to the change of expression. Because it is the Q version, the expression can be exaggerated as much as possible. As long as it is vivid enough, it can be painted any way. The expression is nothing more than the change of facial features, cartoonanimationThere are many in it, so as long as you observe more often, you will know how to draw when you see more.

Let’s show you some expressions first:

Smiling expression:

Sad expression:

Lovely expression:

Happy expression:

The above are just some examples. The expression methods of each expression are very diverse, and each person draws different pictures, which is why everyone has their own style.