Metal texture, using PS filter to create super cool dark metal portrait image

Utilize PSFilterCreate a cool dark metal figurepicture! The process of making metal portraits is relatively complex, and there are many methods. The most common is to use HDR and other high-definition filters to increase the quality of the portrait. Then use the calculation or application image to enhance the contrast of skin color, and then polish it as a whole in the later stage.

Original drawing

Final effect

1. After opening the original image, first use the HDR filter to make preliminary adjustments to the image so that the bright part is very bright and the dark part is very dark, and the details of the bright part and the dark part are obvious. (Now HDR filter can achieve high dynamic range effect on a picture, without having tosynthesisMultiple same photos with different exposure.) Then use the Color Scale tool to adjust the picture to enhance its contrast.

2. Seal the layer to get a new layer, and then change the blending mode of the layer to “Multiply” to deepen the color of the picture.