Metal character design: Photoshop production Diablo theme metal character design tutorial

ThiscourseMainly usedphotoshopThe course of making metal characters with the theme of Diablo God is mainly completed by using the layer style. I hope you can like it.


Tutorial Steps

Step 01 Make character effect

1.1、Create a new canvas, create text, and adjust the text color, spacing, sizetypefaceAnd other parameters.

one point twoRight click to convert the text into shape, and use the direct selection tool to select the text path to adjust the position and stroke length.

one point threeAdd gradient overlay to make text gradient. The color values are ffda78 and ac6235.

one point fourAdd beveled relief to create metal texture of characters.

one point fiveAdd a gradient to enhance the light shadow transition below the text.

1.6、Add inner shadows to create a reflective effect.

1.7、Import the material, select the text, call up the selection area, add the mask of the text selection area to the material layer, and group it.

1.8、Add a curve adjustment layer to adjust the light tone of the text group.