Magic flame, PS adds claw scratches and blue magic flame to ancient books

The author wants to show a kind of fairy tale effect, so when adding the effect, the fairy tale story is integrated, such as the claw scratch, the blue luminous effect, etc., which give a sense of mystery.

Final effect

1. Open materialpicture

2. Cut out the book and copy it to a new layer.

Add a layer effect, in which the gradient effect is mainly used to fine-tune the light and shadow, and the internal shadow is mainly used to reflect blue light, and the projection is the ordinary projection effect.

3. Paint the stain with a paintbrush.

4. Add scratches.

5. Add external illumination and projection effects.

6. Touch up with overlay mode.

7. Draw a dark blue glow on the bottom layer.

8. Wipe off the lower part for the sake of nature.

9. Add details.

10. Touch up again with overlay mode to add ambient color.

11. Add a background.

Final effect: