Location photos: Photos of location people with bright and beautiful effects in PS color adjustment

The color levels of the original material are not many, and the overall color is relatively close.Color paletteYou canpictureSome of the hues are stronger. This can better highlight the theme. In terms of hue, you can adjust different colors according to your preferences.

Original image:

Final effect:

1. Open the original material, create the hue/saturation adjustment layer, and set the parameters as shown in the figure

The effect is as shown in the figure

  2、新建一个图层,按Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E盖印图层,然后对盖印后的图层执行:图像 > 应用图像,参数设置如图

The effect is as shown in the figure

3. Press Ctrl+Alt+1 to call up the red highlight selection area, press Ctrl+Shift+I to reverse the selection, and press Delete to delete. After canceling the selection area, change the layer blending mode to “color deepening”, add the layer mask, and use the black brush to wipe out the face of the figure and the background trees, as shown in the figure