Lip makeup tutorial, PS perfectly solves the problem of not applying lipstick

Lipstick is almost a necessary cosmetic for every fairy, but some girls don’t know how to apply lipstick. What should they do if they have beautiful lipstick on their lips? PS brought to you todaycourseIt can perfectly solve the problem of not applying lipstick. All kinds of lipstick can be used. I don’t need to worry about not making up any more.



Operation steps:

Step 1: Open PS (CS6) — Open againpicture—Click to create a new fill or adjust the layer

Step 2: Click solid color — choose the color you want to adjust and confirm

Step 3: Click the layer mask thumbnail — ctrl+i (reverse)

Step 4: Open the positive film overlay — then use the brush tool to paint along the lip contour. If the color cannot be painted, check whether the foreground color and background color are replaced, because the foreground color is filled when the third step is reversed.

Step 5: Click the thumbnail map of the layer — click the right button — find the mixing option — find the next layer, hold down the Alt key while holding down the left mouse button and pull it to the left until the lip color is natural — click OK. If you feel that the color is not what you want, just click the thumbnail map of the layer and double click the left mouse button to reselect the color