Letter poster, using PS to make folding text effect Letter poster design tutorial

This chaptercourseCreate a folding text effect letter through PSposterThe whole poster is creative, and students can learn from the poster to make other stylesDesign, oftentypefaceThe students of design know that some tools are needed in the production, so they should learn how to use these tools to help us design the style of characters. The whole font is also easy to make. I believe that students can make better through the tutorial. Let’s learn how to make it together.


Operation steps:

Step 1:

Open PS, press Ctrl+N to create a new canvas (width: 500 pixels, height: 500 pixels, background content: white), and confirm to get the “background” layer

Step 2:

Press Shift+Ctrl+N to create a new layer, and you will get the “Layer 1” layer; Then on the “Layer 1” layer, set the foreground color: # fe9a68, background color: # f9554c; Then press G to use the gradient tool, select the gradient color of ‘foreground color gradient to background color gradient’, select the gradient style of ‘linear gradient’, and drag the image from top to bottom to draw a gradient

Step 3:

Press T to use the text tool, and input some text you like (such as LOVE). After input, you will get the “LOVE” text layer; Then on the “LOVE” text layer, press Ctrl+T to adjust the font size. After that; Then press Ctrl+J to copy the LOVE text layer to get the “LOVE copy” text layer