Landscape tinting, a post tinting tutorial for quickly adjusting the color of farm landscape photos with ACR

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR for short), which is mainly used to process the plug-in of Raw format files, applies to the photos in Raw format taken by digital cameras, such as CR2, NEF and other formats. (jpg formatpictureIt can also be handled, but you need to modify the Camera Raw settings in the “Preferences”. It is convenient and fast. Many functions are concentrated together, like the mini lightroom, to learn from pictures togetherTintingLet’s go.


Operation steps:

Image analysis

Figure 1 is the original figure, and Figure 2 is the result after processing. It can be seen from the comparison thatBasicsOn, adjusted the exposure, main tone, contrast, increased saturation. I hope that before you look at the specific methods, you will have a general impression in your mind, and then the detailsMap revisionProcess.

Map revision

1. ACR processing. When you open a RAW file with PS, it is first opened by ACR. In the default setting panel on the right of ACR, adjust the exposure (+0.75), shadow (+26), and sharpness (+32). The purpose of this step is to open up the light and dark layers and contrast of the picture. After adjustment, click “Open Image” at the lower right corner of ACR to enter the PS interface.

2. Create a new curve layer in PS, adjust the RGB curve to “S” shape, brighten and darken, increase the contrast of the image, or use the more complex doublepassagewayThe curve increases the contrast, depending on personal preferences.

3. Raise the “red” curve and lower the “blue” curve. Give the image a warm main color to create a feeling of sunshine.