In the late stage of photography, how does PS tinting shape light and shadow to create an atmosphere for photos

This chapterTintingcourseThe main learning point is how to create the atmosphere of the photo. The original photo is flat, and the light and color temperature are not good. Through later adjustment, the photo will have a more dusk atmosphere. Let’s see the effect comparison first:

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            <p style=2、 Create a twilight atmosphere

As the shooting progress is relatively fast, the shooting time is limited, the original light and shadow are flat, and the color temperature and angle of the light are not good, so I change the highlight and shadow tone topictureMore atmosphere at dusk.

The schematic diagram is as follows:

After overall adjustment, use gradient mirror and radialFilterLocal adjustment. As shown below:

Use the radial filter to circle the part of the figure and highlight the main body.

Then increase the dark angle:

3、 Skin tone adjustment

Although the characters in the big scene are small and the face is not very prominent, the skin color should be carefully adjusted in order to keep improving and do a good job in every detail.

In the wholeMap revisionIn the step, the skin color is corrected before it is toned. Because toning the screen will interfere with the skin color, the skin color is adjusted to normal first,

In the following adjustment steps, remember to wipe out the face properly with a brush at each step, not necessarily wipe out the tinting effect 100%,

Because the facial light and color will also be affected by the ambient light, make slight changes according to the ambient light color, so that the characters can be integrated into the scene.

Adjust the skin color. I use the curve tool, which is very easy to use and fine.

Then correct the skin color. There are three modes in the curve: “red, green and blue”. Select the corresponding mode according to the skin color cast.

This adjustment principle is actually the color principle of the hue ring, which uses the characteristics of the contrast color to adjust the skin color cleanly. Yellow and blue, red and green, green and magenta are each other’s contrast colors, and the corresponding contrast colors are added to reduce the color deviation.