Illusory effect, Photoshop color palette to make a picture of a little girl with fantasy effect

ThiscourseThe tone of is more professional. The combination of cyan and yellow is relatively large, and it is easier to highlight the main body of the character. Then add some lovely decorative elements to make the picture more vivid.

Original drawing

Final effect

1. Press CTRL+J to duplicate the background twice to get the copies of layer 1 and layer 1, and set their mixing mode and opacity respectively: layer 1 filter color and opacity 25%.

The blending mode of layer 1 copy is changed to soft light and opacity to 40%, and the effect is as follows.

2. Then create a new layer on all layers, fill the color # fff200, and set the blending mode to soft light and opacity of 41%.

3. Copy the background layer again, get a new layer on the background layer, select the layer, and execute the optional color (image — adjustment — optional color) to adjust the red, yellow, and neutral colors respectively, and the method is relative.