Ice and snow fonts, PS makes lifelike ice and snow fonts

ThiscourseThis article mainly introduces the production of ice and snow characters. The production process is relatively simple, mainly using the wind blowing effect and the use of lattice. These are all PSBasicsContent, but as long as we can use it flexibly, we can produce millions of effects.

Final rendering

1. Create a new 600px * 350 px file background fill color: # 202E55, select the text tool to print the text,typefaceIt is better to choose a thicker font, so the effect is more obvious.

2. Call up the text selection area and clickpassagewayOn the surface, create a new channel, fill it with white, and then copy the channel to a layer. Select the menu:Filter > 像素华化 > 碎片 ,确定后按Ctrl + F 两次,效果如图2

  3.选择菜单:滤镜 > 像素华化 > 晶格化 ,数值为:6,确定后按Ctrl + F 两次,效果如图3

4. Press Ctrl+A to select all, press Ctrl+C to copy, then return to the layer surface, create a new layer, press Ctrl+V to paste, and press Ctrl+BColor paletteThe color balance parameter setting is shown in Figure 4, and the layer blending mode is changed to “screen”, the effect is shown in Figure 5