Handle hair, PS fine hair beautification tutorial in commercial portrait blockbusters

HairlinebeautifyIt is also time-consuming. The method summarized by the author is very practical. Thinking: First, analyze the hair to find out the defects; Then cut the natural part of the hair, and control the scope of the whole hair by copying and masking to make it smooth and natural; The next step is to add hair details and use hairBrushOr draw some hair with a pen to add details; The last step is the treatment of hair luster, which is beautified by hyperbola or neutral gray.

Original drawing

Final effect

1. First of all, we open it in PSpictureThrough observation, we found that there were many hair problems, and we chose the part with good hair shape and trend. As shown below.

2. Then copy it, move it to the appropriate position, add a mask, and use the brush to blend it to make it too natural, as shown in the following figure.