Halo text, PS makes halo text effect with great visual impact

ThiscourseThe technique of expression is very smooth. A few smooth lines and words are used to express the vivid subject of the picture, and the dark back of the whole subject will have more visual impact!

Final effect

1. To create a new document, first use the gradient tool to fill in a radial gradient from brown red to black. The foreground color and background color are # 922f00 and # 000000 respectively.

2. Now press CTRL+J to copy a layer, and change the mixing mode of the copied layer to “color fade”. The effect will be more vivid

3. Then we add the background texture, create a new layer, and press D to reset the foreground color and background color, and execute“Filter”->“渲染”->“云彩”,结果如下

4. Now use the pen tool to make the general outline of the light. If you are familiar with other tools, you can use other tools