Greeting card design, PS made exquisite Dragon Boat Festival greeting card design tutorial

Let’s see the final effect first:

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Material 2

Material 3

1. Create a new 450 * 600 pixel file.

2. Select the gradient tool color setting as shown in Figure 1, and draw the linear gradient as shown in Figure 2.

3. Open material 1 and drag it in. Use a pen tool to pick out and delete some bamboos in the middle, then adjust the color, and add some small bamboo leaves for decoration, as shown in Figure 3.

4. Open Material 2 and drag it to the bottom of the bamboo layer. Press Ctrl+BTintingColor balance, adjust cyan and green appropriately, and then add a layer mask to erase the upper part. The approximate effect is shown in Figure 4.

5. Create a new layer on the top, draw the ellipse as shown in Figure 5 with the ellipse box selection tool, press Ctrl+Alt+D to feather the value to 50, and confirm the fill color: # FFFFEA. The effect is shown in Figure 6.

6. Create a new layer and draw a circle to fill it with black, as shown in Figure 7. Do not cancel the selection, press the letter “Q” to enter the quick mask state, and execute the menu:Filter > 画笔描边 > 喷溅,确定后再执行菜单:滤镜 > 扭曲 > 波纹,数值默认。确定后按字母“Q”,退出快速蒙版,新建一个图层填充黑色,然后把下面的正圆图层删除。

7. Open Material 3 and use the pen tool to tick out the zongzi, and then copy it to the ink as shown in Figure 8.

8. Finally, print the text, and then decorate the details to complete the final effect.