Glass water mist, Photoshop makes pictures of writing on glass water mist in rainy days

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopMake the effect of writing on the glass fog in rainy days, which is just like writing on the rain window. I hope you can like it.

design sketch:

source material:

Operation steps:

Step 1:

Turn on PS, press Ctrl+O to add the material layer of ‘City Nightscape’ to get the “Layer 0” layer; Then press Alt+F+L to put the material layer of the ‘Rainy Glass Window’, and press Ctrl+T to adjust the position and size. After that, you will get the “Layer 1” layer; Then drag and move the “Layer 1” (rain glass window) layer to the bottom of the “Layer 0” (city night view) layer

Step 2:

In the “Layer 0” layer, change the mixed change mode to “Overlay”; Then click Select:Filter >模糊 >高斯模糊,修改(半径:1.1像素),好了后点击‘确定’

Step 3:

On the “Layer 1” layer, click “Brightness/Contrast” under the “Adjustment” column box to modify (Brightness: – 10, Contrast: – 20); Then click the “Exposure” under the “Adjustment” column box to modify (Preset: Custom, Exposure:+0.61, Displacement: -0.1736, Gray Factor Correction 1.19); Make the glass window more transparent

Step 4:

Press T to use the text tool to enter your favoritetypeface(For example: Hello) After that, you will get the “Hello” text layer; Then on the “Hello” text layer, press Ctrl+T to adjust the size and position of the font

Step 5:

On the “Hello” text layer, press Shift+Ctrl+X to liquefy; Then, on the “Liquefaction” panel, click to use the “Forward Deformation Tool” to extend the bottom of the font to make it look like drops of water flowing down. Click “OK” when it is ready

Step 6:

在“Hello”written words图层,点击选择:滤镜 >扭曲 >波纹,修改(数量:100%、大小:中),好了后点击‘确定’ ;接着把混合更改模式改为‘叠加’

Step 7:

On the “Hello” text layer, press Ctrl+J to 文字Copy the layer to get a “Hello Copy” text layer, making the font more prominent; Then press J to use the repair brush tool to process the text droplets to make the text more smooth. After that, you can finish it.

Final effect: