Glass effect, making realistic glass fragment effect photos with PS brush tutorial

Today, I would like to share a utilizationBrushMaking realistic glass effectcourseThis effect is believed to existDesignMedium, or realistic, especially in the gymposterPublicity is often simple, because it is a sense of impact, giving people a visual shock effect. This effect is relatively easy to complete in PS, and the focus of the whole effect is on the glass breaking effect. Here we draw it through the brush in PS, and learn about it through the tutorial.



Now let’s learn how to use this broken glass brush preset

Operation steps:

1. First, load the preset. Click Edit – Preset – Preset Manager

Change the preset type to brush, click Load to load brush preset

2. After adding presets, we add a background image for the effect

3. Press Ctrl+J to copy it

4 Select layer 1 and clickFilter-Blur Gaussian Blur