Frame tutorial, a frame tutorial for PS to create a creative cutting effect for photos

This chaptercourseLearn how to create the effect of photo segmentation through PS. Some people may wonder, what is the effect of photo segmentation? When we take art photos, we will do various treatments in the later stage of the photos to achieve the effect of a fashion blockbuster. Among them, one simple and easy to learn effect is photo segmentation. By dividing a complete photo into irregular shapes, people can feel an unusual aesthetic feeling. From the effect, it can be seen that this is the effect of segmentation photos. By contrast, it is obvious that Delireba’s photos have a more fashionable feeling.


Operation steps:

Step 1: Ctrl+J Copy Layer

Step 2: Create a new layer and fill in the background color with Ctrl+delete

Step 3: Use the rectangle tool to draw a box on the white layer

Step 4: Open the blending option, change the fill opacity to [0], and change the hollowing to [Shallow]

Step 5: Select [Projection] and adjust the opacity appropriately.

Step 6: Click the move tool, and press and hold the Alt key to copy


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