Flat style, teach you to draw flat style illustration pictures with PS

Gradual style is very popular. Today, I would like to share a drawing that imitates the flat style illustrationcourseIt’s not difficult. Let’s study together.

Look at the screenshot below. Is it fantastic? I feel that it is also very cool to do the APP guide page. There is a lot of good things hereworks

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Today, let’s talk about how to quickly use PS to draw such a small illustrator? Take the wolf howling in the moonlight as an example. It may be a little rough. The newcomer who can’t do it depends on how to do it. I just drew a new thing and wrote a small summary. Please ignore the Great God Gate directly, ha ha.

Don’t talk much nonsense, just go to the tutorial.

1: Open PS, create a new canvas W1000 * H1000, use the ellipse tool, draw a W600 * H600 blue circle, name the sky, color value # 3c4db8,

2: Because the sky background has a gradient, we will do the gradient of the blue sky in this step. Select the layer to turn on the blend mode, click the gradient overlay, adjust the color value as follows, and then select the reverse direction. The effect is shown in the following figure.